Thursday, June 04, 2009

My initial thoughts of Obama's Cairo peace overture to the Israeli-Palestinian question in which Iran has a definite hand in:

There is no middle ground - you can't meet in the middle when one side wants to grow(Israel) like any other country. And the other side wants that same piece of land without interference.

The Israelis and Palestinians want the same piece of land, only one entity can have it.

Unless they can do a time-share (joking here) there is no middle ground.

The next Arab-Israeli war will decide this.

And it very easily can draw in the rest of the world. As I said before WW(insert number here) has started with the Iranian-Hamas-Hezbollah attacking Israel.

This is a very drawn out prequel/setup.

Just like WW2 started in China/Japan and Germany taking Austria, this conflict has a long set up time.

The difference is that this time around the technology is more lethal and with longer ranges.

Maybe Iran is just waiting for a sufficient stockpile of missiles.