Thursday, April 09, 2009

Things did not really change with Obama's new overtures:

"Death to Obama Chants"

A gathering of University of Tehran students minutes ago began forming a chain of human organizers opposite the former Nest of American spies.

A political correspondent of Fars News reported a group of students from University of Tehran student organizations including Students of the Islamic World, the Office of Strengthening Solidarity, Baseej students and other student organizations attended facing the former nest of American spies, to honor thirty years since breaking off diplomatic relations with the imperialistic U.S. government.

Gathered students placed caricatures of the American president on the wall of the spy’s nest and shouted slogans: “Death to Obama” and “Death to U.S. Change.” The protests connect to the biased politics the Americans have shown against Iran.

This is an interesting article in the Politico

Many years ago I loved the "War Games" movie. It showed a military with the forethought to make simulations that would eventually decide that MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is not actually a valid strategy to lead your country.

But what we have to ask ourselves are we in that kind of a scenario these days?

The latest war game scenario by the Pentagon is to decide if economic moves can set the US off balance. And the most interesting item is that if you put two and two together... while the Chinese and Russians are offsetting the US in the economic arena, the Iran and North Korean nuclear ambitions can add to the uncertainty and increase the economic and strategic uncertainty while fulfilling the respective countries goals (what if they were working in concert?)

Iran and China set $200B in trade

Iran and China
If you give up your nukes will that make all the other entities give up theirs?

To answer that question one must figure out what it actually means to have nukes.

What does it mean to have a nuclear weapon? It means that with one strike you can wipe out a city. Or threaten to wipe out a city. This is too much of a narcotic for a regime that imbibes in power.

Iran has shown that they are willing to repress civil rights in the name of power for their religious state.

In fact it is in line with their religious beliefs to keep a super weapon as a nuke rather than give it up in an ideal world where super weapons are all removed from the power equation.
The last few weeks have been filled with Obama making overtures to Iran, mostly about talking some more... while Iran keeps saying they are making progress on the nuclear front.

Where will this lead? what real options are in Obama quiver?

Can Obama force Iran into giving up their nukes as he is wishing to de nuclearize the world? By leading with his example?

Obama wants world without nukes!