Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Times Online

George Bush offers allies $20bn of arms to counter Iran
Tue. 15 Jan 2008
Times Online

Sonia Verma, of The Times, in Dubai

President Bush backed his political rhetoric against Iran yesterday with the promise of a $20 billion arms deal to boost the military clout of Washington’s key allies in the Gulf.

So this is Bush' attempt to create a balance of power among the gulf states.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The NYTimes has published an article

Discussing covert operations in Pakistan to hamper Al-Qaeda operations - likely to counter the anti-Bhutto operations. As well as Al-Qaeda's attempt to take the country from Musharraf government.

The similarities of options are not the same as Iran for the US, since Pakistan already has functioning nuclear weapons, a large body of opposition populace, both violent and non-violent.


Each action will likely have a reaction by the opposition camps.

An interesting photo essay (two weeks in Iran) within the Iranian.com website

Interesting to note Tehran has snow and streets and cars (just like many other cities ;)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Interesting strategic insights into the Iranian question - as to what to do from here:

Kaveh Afrasiabi: From a place within iranian.com

Suffice to say that President Ahmadinejad was on the mark in his recent trip to NY, when he stated that the nuclear arsenal did not save the Soviet Union, nor proved an asset to Israel in its recent debacle in Lebanon. The argument that Iran's government seeks the bomb as a deterrent against democracy is too problematic to deserve a critical pause, for it shows a fundamental ignorance of the proliferation history and logic, and Milani should stick with his popular biography-writing than sticking his head in such convoluted waters.

Mr. Afrasiabi mentions this after reading Akbar Ganji's Washington Post article.
His comment wsa written on October 3, 2006.

I would definitely be interested in other thoughts that Mr. Afrasiabi has regarding the nuclear proliferation.

It is interesting to note what happened to the Soviet Union, and how their nuclear arsenal did not help them develop as a nation - you could argue it hidered them.

It is also simplistic to note that nuclear proliferation will have a single reason and effect.

The complex reasons for nuclear proliferations are - cultural, nation politics, scientific advancement, and many other reasons.

Another question comes to mind which we have attempted to address:

What if anything should the US response be to Iranian attempts or even overtures at nuclear bomb development?