Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reuters reports on a new Iranian test firing of a missile.

In the article the reporter is referring to the previous "9" missile test firings.

Where the 9 missiles were clearly invalidated by bloggers, to show that the nine were actually 3 missiles photoshopped several times. (may have been just two missiles).

This kind of muscle flexing is only to mark their territory for Obama's benefit.

It will be interesting what other moves Iran will do as Obama gets closer to actually stepping into the seat of power.

Here is a map from Answers.com of "Eastern Prussia" in 14th century, notice the region names and if you scroll down you will see the Soviet/Russian renamed all the cities, so as to take a historical precedence away from the older Germanic region.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Guess where the next crisis is?

Did you guess Kaliningrad?

It is the old East Prussia, where Koenigsberg was, the Soviet Union changed its name, and kept it even after the soviet bloc countries tried to assert themselves.

Then after Soviet Union became Russia it decided to keep the "enclave", which is basically a large military base a few hundred miles from Berlin, a thousand or so from London and Paris.

This short range allows short range missiles to hit any targets in a very short time, minutes
Headlines from Arab Press: Tishreen
Tishreen (SYRIA): Assad: American Aggression on Syria Confirms Danger of U.S. Presence in Region – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told a conference of Arab parliaments in Damascus Sunday that the latest U.S. aggression on Syria constitutes a constant source of threat to Iraq's neighbors and a source of instability to the region. He added that the Iraq-U.S. security accord is aimed at turning Iraq into a base to strike at neighboring countries and called for ending the occupation of Iraq as soon as possible to ensure Iraq's independence and the region's stability.


I doubt Assad has the regions stability in mind, he wants to be able to influence Iraq, with Al-Quida if necessary.

The US presence constitutes a threat to Syrian military potential.
Iraq orders planes, helos from US and France.

The order of 36 F-16 Fighting Falcons, 24 AT-6B Light Attack Aircraft Trainers and a variety of attack and reconnaissance helicopters will go toward plans to develop 10 air force bases with 6,000 crewmen by 2011.

Here is another interesting snippet by Iraq's emerging military:

Samer Abid al-Wahaab, a Defense Ministry spokesman, said at the time that air power was integral to Iraq's security objectives.

"Iraq faces multiple challenges: We need to control our open borders and defend against external aggression, while our counterparts must maintain internal security and overall law and order," he said.