Monday, September 08, 2008

US Hits inside Pakistan (Long War Journal)

The US has increased its attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan against AQ.

But this is due to AQ becoming more successful in hitting targets inside Afghanistan.

AQ is also increasing its tempo of actions around the world: Philippines, Somalia, and anywhere they can get a foothold.

While this is going on, Iran, Venezuela, China and Russia are trying to influence their own areas to gain advantages where possible.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Palestinian Authority is liable for $114 million dollars?

Jerusalem District Court Judge Aharon Farkash ruled on Monday that it was possible to implement a 2004 US court ruling, according to which the Palestinian Authority must pay compensations of more than $116 million to terror victims' families.

From Jerusalem Post

This means that Israel is striking back at the PA in another heretofore uncreated avenue.

Interesting potential ... but this is why most terrorist organizations would rather be anonymous, until they want to get credit for the hit.
Iranian group hezbollah also has "collateral" damage:

The Hezbollah Brigades operatives were captured in New Baghdad after Coalition forces received "sensitive intelligence" from other members of the group currently in custody. The information identified the location of a cell leader who "conspires with several known Khata'ib Hezbollah criminals" and was behind the deadly June 4 improvised rocket-assisted mortar, or IRAM, attack in the Sha'ab neighborhood in the Baghdad district of Adhamiyah. The attack, which was thought to be directed at a US forward operating base, killed 18 Iraqis and wounded 29 after the rockets detonated prematurely and fell short. The cell leader was among those captured.

From Long War Journal

It looks like all nations and their proxies have collateral damage.
Likely this will not be trumpeted in the MSM.

Many undercurrents in this story (besides the collateral damage issue), like Iran attempting to influence Iraq.

Or getting ready to influence once the US leaves.

Iran will not go away - with nuclear, conventional and para-military forces.