Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama's 2nd term foreign policy objectives?

I wonder what President Obama's foreign policy objectives are in his second term? It is not obvious to me, besides keep the status quo, and react to the various events around the globe. He has not made a new or different policy towards Iran. Current policy is to have sanctions with the UN's help that will cause Iran to rethink their nuclear weapon aspirations. But as I have written here before, this is unlikely to work.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Iran atomic potential xyz test bomb

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More peace marches check out payvand news for the latest

This is Payvand news report:
Photos and Report: Today I Felt Proud to be an Iranian - Today, after a long time I felt truly proud to be an Iranian. I was at yet another peaceful demonstration at Tehran's 7th Tir Square which lasted two and half hours. Again I witnessed thousands of Iranians calmly, peacefully and quietly walking together from 7th Tir Square along the path of Karimkhan-Zand to Kargar Avenue and then ending at Enghelab Square around 7:30 as many people wanted to leave before it got dark! -Syma Sayyah, Tehran 6/17/09


My thoughts:
It looks like Mousavi is trying to get organized and still getting a lot of energy from the masses check out the link for all the pictures

Monday, June 15, 2009

I disagree with Bulliet:

Bloomberg news
relevant snippet:

Bulliet predicted that the Guardian Council, the election’s supervisory body, with the authority to review the results, will still endorse the outcome within the next week.

Repercussions Predicted

If the protests continue after then, “Khamenei could respond to street unrest by declaring martial law and imposing curfews,” he said.

The problem is when will the people stop and what happens in the interim, will the army also rise up?

How many people continue to protest?

If the opposition groups make a concerted effort, break through to the clerics (Khameini) then there is a chance a real revolution will happen.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Payvand has an excellent news report from inside Tehran:

It is 4:30pm on Saturday. I knew that something was going to happen. My generation was responsible for the revolution 30 years ago. My office is near ValiAsr near the ministry of interior which is responsible for the elections. At around 4:30pm I noted people walking all in one way. I slowly walked to Vali Asr street. I saw the clashes there. One man with a broken nose bone below eyebrows, and many people who were throwing the ValiAsr heavy sidewalk stones towards the anti riot police line. The police marched forward and the people would all run back and then they stopped and walked back towards the police and throw their heavy stones. The people were shouting death to the dictator. Tear gas was used. I decided to walk back. As I was slowly retreating with the crowd one tear gas charge fell next to my feet. All plastic garbage cans were put on fire by the people in the middle of the street. I had never seen or experienced tear gas. I was studying in US when the revolution happened. I did not breath and kept walking. In a few seconds my face was full of sweat and I could not see and I could not breath. I felt I would lose my conscience and fall down. I tried to go inside a building for help but the door was closed. I walked and went into a home with an open door. There were a few others like me too. The lady in the home told us all to persevere. I asked her to let me wash my face. She said no do not do that. Instead she burned a newspaper near my face. I stayed there for a few minutes and walked back to my office.

There are definite riot situations all day ... read the whole report.

pictures of riots in Tehran:

Riots in Tehran:

Check out Tehran

Due to the 'election' of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

What does this mean? without a focused political force behind these massive riots, nothing.

In the next few days we have to see if a political force comes out of hiding and presents their will to the ruling theocracy.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My initial thoughts of Obama's Cairo peace overture to the Israeli-Palestinian question in which Iran has a definite hand in:

There is no middle ground - you can't meet in the middle when one side wants to grow(Israel) like any other country. And the other side wants that same piece of land without interference.

The Israelis and Palestinians want the same piece of land, only one entity can have it.

Unless they can do a time-share (joking here) there is no middle ground.

The next Arab-Israeli war will decide this.

And it very easily can draw in the rest of the world. As I said before WW(insert number here) has started with the Iranian-Hamas-Hezbollah attacking Israel.

This is a very drawn out prequel/setup.

Just like WW2 started in China/Japan and Germany taking Austria, this conflict has a long set up time.

The difference is that this time around the technology is more lethal and with longer ranges.

Maybe Iran is just waiting for a sufficient stockpile of missiles.